2015 KidsFest set to blow visitors away!

2015 KidsFest set to blow visitors away!

There are just 11 days until the biggest and best family festival in Essex – KidsFest! On Sunday 9th August, visitors will gear up for a full day of fun at Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park.

Not only have we arranged an impressive Main Stage line-up, interactive play zones, have-a-go workshops and world-class entertainment, but once inside EVERYTHING is included with no hidden costs or additional charges! 

Founder of Partyman James Sinclair and Creative Marketer James Martin have been working hard to ensure this year’s KidsFest is even better than previous events.

James Martin stated “It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to create a festival like Glastonbury for kids! 

“Now we’re an established event we can be a lot more adventurous with our attractions; for example; feature popular TV characters such as Mr Bloom alongside our own much-loved characters like Blackbeard the Pirate.”

Check out what’s on this year: 

•Mr Bloom

•Lloyd (Disney’s Art Attack)

•Mad Science

•Happy’s Circus

•Misstasia (Britain’s Got Talent)

•Jimbo the Partyman

•Partyman Entertainers

•Katie Forkins

•Punch & Judy

•Bubble Inc – biggest bubble Guinness World record holder

•Hupsilly Hill


•B-4 One the Robot





For more information, please visit this website www.marshfarm.co.uk

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