A Staggeringly good I-Deer!

A Staggeringly good I-Deer!

In recent years the rise in popularity of deer antler dog chews has seen the demand for the top quality, naturally dropped antlers, rise as the British public realise how many boxes they tick for their dogs. Due to the fact that China is unable to supply their usual customers, at the current time, and we have been inundated with enquiries from the UK, Europe and further afield. The direct knock on effect is that the UK Deer Antler Dog Chew Industry is experiencing a dramatic price rise in Red Deer Antler raw costs.

The raw product trade prices have crept up 30% year on year making it only viable to those UK businesses who have managed to plan ahead and ensure they have stocks. Why the sudden change? Not only is the UK public demanding the antler for their dogs but also the Korean and Far Eastern medicine markets buy up large quantities. Leaving smaller family businesses trying to source and compete with each other. Instead we are trying to talk to each other as an industry. The difference in quality is quite remarkable from supplier to suppler.

If you take the time to compare, you will see that some larger stores are having to use the whiter antler which is not such good quality as our Staglers or Stagbar, the original dog chew company. As the big chain stores realised the potential of these healthy, mineral rich dog chews, they began buying in huge quantities (as we found out with Pet’s Corner back in 2013), often nailing the family run businesses to very competitive trade prices. They are finding it much harder to source UK suppliers and we have been approached by companies who, a year ago, we could not “get a foot in the door” with.

Never fear, Staglers have anticipated this and have good stocks of every size! We are going to ride out the storm and look after our current trade customers, our farm retailers, vets and sell on www.staglers.co.uk. We are also seeing an increase in enquiries from Vets which just goes to show that they are recommended by vets…………………………

You can come and find us in person at New Forest Show July 28th to 30th The Showground, New Park, Brockenhurst, Hampshire SO42 7QH, Bournemouth Canine Association Show 8th to 10th August Organford, Poole BH16 6EU, Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show August 19th Motcombe Turnpike Showground SP7 9PL, Dorset County Show September 5 & 6th This 2013 start up business is a success story from Dorset, look out for the bright orange label you can buy easily at our online shop www.staglers.co.uk

For more information on Staglers, please visit this website www.staglers.co.uk

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