The Arena at The War and Peace Revival 2017

The Arena at The War and Peace Revival 2017

The arena is a action packed part of the show with things happening in the arena all-day from 10:30am-16:00pm.

The arena is a place to see all those great military vehicles you’ve come to see in action. The arena gives the chance for Military vehicle owners to get the toys out and play and use their vehicles in the arena for everyone to see. You will see a variety of vehciles from all over the world being represented including British, German, American, Soviet and many other European vehicles.

The Noon Day Gun, F troop carry out this traditional time signal everyday at Noon. This year sees the 300th anniversary of the Royal Artillery.

Many famous battles are re-created by the re-enactment groups at The War and Peace Revival, with battles from WW2, Vietnam and The Cold War.

Arena Timetable.


10.30: Tracked Armour: Well we can safely say that the boys are back in town at the spiritual home of The War and Peace Revival Show- let the show commence

11.45: The Noon Day Gun

The tradition continues, but not with our friends from the Airbourne as in past years. Something bigger may well be an option today.

12.15: After 1945

After the war the world took a deep breath, used all the surplus vehicles from the conflict and then started designing anew – similar requirements but different interpretations.

After the war the world

12.45: Model Mayhem 

You’ve now seen the real thing, here’s something a little more in most people’s budget, something you can get in the garden shed!

13.15: Wheeled Armour

The heavy tracked boys were out eralier, but thier eyes and ears are out now. You need to know what the enemy is up to, and these are just the right vehicles for the job of sneaking up and having a peek.

13.45: War in the Desert

From EI Alamein to Baghdad to the Middle East and Afghanistan via 60+ years- vehicles still work in some of the toughest arenas!

14:30 BATTLE: Post War British 

15.00 Armour: Big Boys Toys – Says it all doesn’t it?

16:00: Well that’s it for today- But for more action and entertainment why not watch the Monty’s Pride Convoy that leaves here at 7pm tonight. Join with the locals and wave as tonight WW2 British and Commonwealth vehicles pass by…


10.30 Tracked Armour:

You can hear the armour rumbling (well we hope it’s armour) as they warm up and come to the Arena
to start the day’s play.

11.45:  The Noon Day Gun:

12.15 :  Land Rovers! 
Over the years we have used all the usual superlatives for this British ICON – seeing is believing!

13.00: Post War Carriers. 
Big and small from Bedford and Mercedes to Land Rover and Mutts – they all have their place.

13.45  A Military Oddity – hmm Lucky Dip time!
What’s on site that’s weird and wonderful? Our commentator Andy likes big unusual toys – a nasty job but  someone has to do it – must be the REME in him!

14.15:  CVRW? 
Ferrets and Foxes, Saladins and Staghounds – from WW2 to the present day the debate as to  whether wheels are better than tracks continues.

15.00:  BATTLE:   Soviets

15.45:  Armour :  That sounds like a CHIEFTAIN! Standing in the Arena we can identify a lot of armour from the noise  of their engines, and from a long distance – let’s hope some are out to flex their trax!

16.30:  Well the second day is over and we are back in to the swing of things! WE LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER!
Tonight it’s the turn of Dannatt’s Convoy that leaves here at 7pm. Join with the locals and wave as British Post War vehicles pass by – and don’t forget your Union flag.


10.30: Armour & Tracks:

Introduced by Andy, our Arena Presenter, spare a thought for their fuel bills, at up to 2.5 gallons a mile it’s not always a cheap option, but it always makes you smile.

11.45: The Noon Day Gun.

12.15: The Yanks, arsenal of the world for so long!

From WW2 until now – throughout the world and on TV we see their vehicles from Hummers to Abrams Main Battle Tank, and from Jimmy’s and Jeeps to the mighty OSHKOSH transporter

12.45: The Emergency Services.

All forces have their fire, ambulance and police services, let’s see those vehicles now.

13.15: D-DAY!

We recall the largest seabourne invasion in history: D-DAY. Restored vehicles from the Allies and the Axis show how similar and different they could be for the mammoth task that was Normandy.

14.00: A Military Oddity.

If it’s odd and unusual it probably has a military application.

14.45: Cargo Carriers from WW2 to the present day.

Armies need supplies – all the time – these vehicles do the job.

15.00: BATTLE: Axis v Brits

16.00: Armour :

Yes the noise and the dust (we hope) are back. Many of the vehicles you see here represent thousands of hours of restoration and huge amounts of money and travel to find those original parts and even “blood, toil, tears and sweat” (W.S.Churchill May 1940)

17.00: End of Arena action

Well that’s it for today – but for more action and entertainment why not watch the Patton’s Parade convoy that leaves here at 7pm . Join with the locals and wave as tonight WW2 American vehicles pass.


10.30: Tracks and Armour

Is it the dust or the mud this year? We hope to some of the rarest armour in the world – stay tuned to find out!

11.00: The Legendary Ginger Gammon Motorcycle Ride Out!
Starting outside the Spitfire Bar.

11.45: The Noon Day Gun!

12.30: BATTLE; Axis v USA

13.00: The Jeep – a historical motoring icon

General Dwight D. Eisenhower stated that the Jeep was one of the vehicles that won the war for the allies! There’s plenty here to see.

13.30: Land-Rovers – the best 4 x 4 x far

What can or can’t you say about this very British Icon ? The best of British and the starting place for many Military Vehicle enthusiasts. So many different variants to try out.

14.00: Britain & the Commonwealth & Russia

British industry was fully committed to the war effort, so Canada and the Dominions supplied vehicles too,
and the Russians had a take on things, often reverse engineering American designs..

14.30: After WW2 the iron curtain fell across Europe – The Cold War.

But it could have got very hot ! Post War vehicles have their chance now to show how weird and
varied vehicles could be to make sure that the “First Strike” was decisive.

15.15: BATTLE: Vietnam

16.00 Armour :

And finally, as they say on the News – its heavy heavy monster time!
Where did you park your car ? – It may get crushed.

17.00: Close

Well that’s it for today – but for more action and entertainment why not watch the REO Thunder convoy that leaves here at 7pm tonight ; Join with the locals and wave as tonight Vietnam period vehicles pass by.


10.30: Tracked and Wheeled Armour

We think that the best way to start is with a Bang!
Saturday morning and it’s a noisy start to a full day of fun! You must agree, armour close up is strangely stimulating – how can all that noise be tactical!


We take this opportunity to commemorate all those servicemen lost in previous and current conflicts, their families and friends and those of the Military Vehicle fraternity who have passed on, the Arena events will halt for a short period. The Noon Day gun will mark the start and finish of a minute’s silence across the
showground during proceedings.

12.15: Military Run-arounds?

Communication is one of the keys to military success and if your radio doesn’t “cut it” these guys might.  From bicycles and motorcycles, Jeeps, Tillys, and Gaz, to Landover’s, Dingo’s, Staff cars and carriers; They were all and are part of the military internet. Lightweights only in name!

13.00: War in the Desert.

From El Alamein to Baghdad via some 60 years – some were even pink

13.30: Heavy Wreckers

Well armies have breakdowns, and they vary from small to mega, what would you use to recover a tank?
It’s gone on since the very start of mechanised movement and although they are slow some of the best
are 70 years old. Why is it the Scammell reminds us of Fantasia or Disney’s Elephant March

14.15: The War & Peace Revival Prize Giving –

15.00: BATTLE: Axis v Allies

16.00: Armour :

As the dust settles after the battle, we stir it up again with your last chance to see heavy metal in action.
Our team talk you through as the remaining heavy mob take to centre stage on the final event of the War and Peace Revival back at Beltring, and just maybe flatpack a car too.

See you next year!

17.00: END EX!

If you’re a relevant vehicle and want to come and play during these events – please just turn up!

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