Army Kid- The War and Peace Revival 2016.

Army Kid- The War and Peace Revival 2016.

The essential kit for adventurous boys and girls, from newborn to teens. Release your sense of adventure and get the kids exploring in camouflage t-shirts, combat trousers and I.D tags. Personalise your camo top with a name or a slogan such as ‘New Recruit’ or ‘Little Soldier’ – great gifts for little explorers. In our busy lives it’s so easy to forget how exciting it can be to get the kids off the computer games and use your imagination! Transform the garden into an army base camp with some chairs and a piece of netting from your kit-bag. Grab a compass and go on a bear-hunt in the woods, throw waterbombs or toast marshmallows under the stars. ArmyKid has been created with our three active boys in mind, so be inspired, learn and explore.

Visit to see our product ranges and you can see us at the show in Row I, 2 at The War and Peace Revival 2016. 

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