Edgar Brothers appointed exclusive UK distributor for much-loved German airgun brand Diana

Edgar Brothers appointed exclusive UK distributor for much-loved German airgun brand Diana

Firearms distributor Edgar Brothers has reintroduced iconic German airgun brand Diana to the UK after it was feared the 125-year old company was to go out of business. 

Diana was on the brink of closure when German Sport Guns (GSG) saw the opportunity and purchased the company. 

After working closely with Edgar Brothers for a number of years, GSG was keen for the Cheshire-based distributor to add Diana to its ever growing list of suppliers. 

Managing director Derek Edgar said he was delighted by the development. He said: “The future of Diana wasn’t looking too bright a couple of years ago but there are some excellent people behind the brand now, new designs are being produced and it’s got a great future. The UK market is so different to the German market in terms of design; they want long barrels whereas we want short barrels, so there’s been a lot of design work going on behind the scenes and adjusting the pricing to be more competitive. Diana is going to be a good brand for us and a lot of people are happy that it’s back with a major distributor.”

Tobias Schmidt is the new sales manager at Diana and has a strong vision to drive the company forward with the help of Edgar Brothers. “Both myself and Derek Edgar agree that the UK market is the strongest market in Europe for Diana at the moment,” Tobias commented. “It’s important for us to develop new products with Edgar Brothers because they really know the demand, they know what people want and we see them as a strong partner. Our plan is to increase our standing in the UK market by this time next year and be a strong brand in five years’ time.”

A range of products will soon be available to consumers, including the hotly anticipated Mauser K98, based on the German bolt-action rifle. 

For more information, visit shootingsports.edgarbrothers.com


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