Living History At The War And Peace Revival 2018

Living History At The War And Peace Revival 2018




Living History At The War And Peace Revival 2018

Living History scenes will provide a unique picture of life in conflict with depictions from WW1 to the present. See the British living in trenches, GIs in Vietnam, Russians relaxing with an accordion after a hard day in battle, or Germans plotting their next moves! At all times our re-enactors will adhere to a strict moral code in their displays.




Take A Step Back In Time

Take a walk around the living history fields at The War And Peace Revival 2018 and get a glimpse of what life was like during the conflicts of past and present.

Up Close And Personal

Get a closer look at the living history displays at The War And Peace Revival. Talk to the display members and truly appreciate the time and effort put into each accurately detailed aspect of the displays.

Life Back At Home

Living history groups, dioramas and individual displays depicting civilian life from 1930 to 1960 will be given a dedicated area to show what life was like away from the barracks and the battlefield. Home Front re-enactors and demonstrators will show the hardships endured by both men and women left behind. Civilian vehicles, peace-time activities and re-enactors will all combine to create a vision of the social backdrop against which several 20th Century wars were fought.




This year, The War And Peace Revival is proud to host the EXCLUSIVE reveal of 360 history’s brand new Living History display, Project Black SeaSee it first at The War and Peace Revival 2018. 







Buy your tickets, or book your camping online now to the greatest celebration of military history and vintage lifestyle in the world!







Exhibiting at the show?

If you’re bringing a military vehicle, are part of a living history or Home Front display, part of the modellers marquee or running a trade stall at the War And Peace Revival 2018.

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