Living History Displays at The War and Peace Revival 2017

Living History Displays at The War and Peace Revival 2017

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Many dedicated enthusiasts brush off their uniforms, dig out the camo netting and recreate some classic scenes from the last 70 years of worldwide warfare.

The Living History section is truly a fantastic experience to learn and see what things are like during those periods in time. The Displays that are on shown take a lot of work to create and are fantastic to see. It is a great opportunity to see and learn about what happened.

The 82nd Airborne Living History Group is the only group in the U.K. which portrays the famous All American 82nd Airborne Division of the US Army during the Vietnam War.

With our years of combined knowledge and experience, we strive to bring life to the 3d Brigade of the 82nd Division during its 22 months in Vietnam, from February 1968 to December 1969, as accurately as possible.

We show how the everyday combat infantryman lived and fought, using uniforms and equipment they would have used.

As part of our display we also include military police, the men of the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (complete with the iconic tiger stripe camouflage and painted faces) and the nurses of the 44th medical Brigade, all accompanied by a soundtrack of 1960s music.

Pathfinders of the 505th

We bring to life the men of the famous 82nd Airborne Division’s ‘Pathfinder’ sticks, of 505th Regimental Combat Team. Pathfinders of the 505th differs from most Living History Groups in its presentation of an impression. By displaying what can only described as a “living, breathing museum displays” they endeavour to offer a startlingly authentic view of the men and equipment we have only more recently seen in newsreels or grainy black and white photographs. This “time warp” effect opens the eyes of the observer in a way that films and computer games cannot.

Many Fronts

Jan & Jason are a A husband and wife team who re enact  as Military press photographers and war correspondents from the Second World War using original camera Equipment to give the public an idea of how the Second World War was filmed and photographed. At the show we will be demonstrating cameras from both the United States and Germany namely the Bell & Howell Eyemo and Filmo And the German Arriflex 35. We will set up in various locations around the site and film as they would have during the conflict to give a realistic impression of the role of the combat cameraman and war correspondents.

“Bersayap Tentara” Re-enactment Group

This re-enactment group was created by two militaria collecting brothers in 2012, and portrays the SAS’s activities in Asia during the Malayan Emergency and Indonesian-Malaysian Confrontation in Bomeo during the 1950’s and 1960’s. These two conflicts have been referred to as Britains Vietnam. The groups primary aim is to promote public awareness of these somewhat overlooked British small wars.

The groups name “Bersayap Tentara” is Indonesian for “Winged Soldiers” and comes from an inscription found on a tree near the border with Kalimantan (Indonesian part of Borneo) which read “Go no further, Winged Soldiers of England.

29th Hell and Back 



Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is probably Europe’s biggest Living History /re-enactment group. Its members collect and own a wide selection of Vehicles, equipment and personal items from the Vietnam War. We show this equipment at various shows in the form of a mobile museum. Our aims is to depict the Vietnam conflict with total accuracy and to educate by engaging fully with the public. It is our intention to show the hardships & everyday lives of the combatants of both sides in such a way as to honour the veterans of the war.

Rolling Thunder “The Vietnam Experience” owes its name to our ability to portray I wide range of units to give the public a wider understanding of the conflict . Between our members, we can convey very comprehensive displays from Infantry camps, Marine patrols, Artillery emplacements, Special Forces and Airborne units, Australian regiments, The Peace / Hippie movement and without forgetting our newly created French Indo China section.

We have a large assortment of vehicles ranging from the small but practical Mechanical Mule up to the large armoured replica Gun Trucks and cargo Trucks as well as Artillery Guns

Our displays are believed to have the largest concentration of Vietnam vehicles within the UK.

Members of RT have helped and supplied equipment, uniforms and vehicle’s to Television companies, Film and Documentary makers, as well as people writing books and magazine articles.
Winners of Large Living History Display at War and Peace 2015

Living History is Understanding History

 Last day’s of Cold War


We will represent the transformation oft he german bundeswehr in the late ´80. There were the old generation of bundeswehr vehicle and the new one at the same time in service. Also you can find the some vehicle oft the east-german NVA Army whitch were in the bundeswehr-service too.

Kampfgruppe von Kluge

Kampfgruppe von Kluge is a joint display composing of living historians from across Europe, stretching from Ireland to Lithuania.

It seeks to authentically portray a Kampfgruppe (battle group) in the desperate fighting that took place in Northern France in the summer months of 1944. Within the Kampfgruppe you will see members of a German Fallschirmjäger Regiment (Paratroop regiment) in their distinct blue wool Fliegerblusen and camouflage jump smocks, as well as regular Grenadiers in field grey uniforms. The display is based around a heavily defended staging area, encompassing dug in positions, as well as troops and vehicles being re-equipped before moving out to battle.

Please feel free to come and talk to our experienced members, and don’t be offended if at first they don’t respond, for some English is their second language – but I’m sure they’ll answer any questions you may have!


The MACV-SOG Living history group


The MACV-SOG Living History group portrays the highly classified, multi-service United States special operations unit which conducted covert unconventional warfare operations prior to and during the Vietnam War.

Established on 24 January 1964, the unit conducted strategic reconnaissance missions in the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam), Laos, and Cambodia; carried out the capture of enemy prisoners, rescued downed pilots, and conducted rescue operations to retrieve prisoners of war throughout Southeast Asia; and conducted clandestine agent team activities and psychological operations.

This year we will be representing the Joint Casualty Resolution Center (JCRC) The JCRC mission was solely to resolve the fate of those servicemen still missing and unaccounted for as a result of the hostilities throughout Indochina. The unit was to have a predominantly operational role — the carrying out of field search, excavation, recovery, and repatriation activities.


Panzer Lehr Re-enactment Group.

We are a UK based historical re-enactment society, depicting soldiers serving in the 130th panzer division, regiment 902, Panzer Lehr. An elite unit formed in late 1943 from panzer training and demonstration staff to counter the allied invasion threat.

We aim to provide an interesting and informative, interactive display, In co-operation with other groups we provide a glimpse of the uniform, equipment and fighting techniques used by both axis and allied units to encourage those who did not live during WW2 to learn more about the conflict our fathers and mothers endured and to remember the sacrifice made by those people from all nations involved.




Three Sixty History


“360 history” or as they’re better known “the Blackhawk down guys”. Are the multi-award winning, world renowned living history display. Enjoyed by all and supported by actual Operation Gothic Serpent veterans, they bring the “film set” realism of Somalia to the war and peace revival show. Come visit us and see what all the fuss is about. Look forward to the sights, sounds and smells of faux combat. Witness unique demonstrations throughout the day, (timings posted on our demo board). And as always our dedicated hobbyists will be onsite, glad to answer any questions you may have or just pose for some awesome photos. Who knows if you’re really lucky you could even get to try out our gear…
Find us online “threesixtyhistory”




The Desert Platoon


We are a WW2 Desert Vehicle Living History Group that portrays the life of a desert soldier from 1939-1943. Our displays involve WW2 desert vehicles with our crews coming from all over the UK to a variety of events.


We portray Scottish, South African and British units as well as RAF and units such as WAAF, FANY and ATS. We research fully our displays and units to make sure that our display accurately reflects the time period and how the troops tried to live a normal life in an abnormal situation. We are here to honour those desert soldiers and those who still serve our country.

The equipment and uniforms we use are authentic WW2 items, with only quality made replicas used where necessary.

This year our display concerns an emergency airstrip defence position. The airstrip is Pacchino in Sicily in 1943. This was taken from the Italian defenders by Canadians and Scottish troops advancing inland from the beaches.

We are here to give an idea of the units who may have defended this airstrip and managed the flights coming in and flying from this small airstrip. We hope to show the day to day existence of these troops through a series of small scenarios which will take place during the show.

Union Jeep Vexin


The Jeep Vexin Union is an association governed by the 1901 Act established in July 1997.

Based in Magny-en-Vexin (Val-d’Oise), it brings together history buffs around three main activities:

– The Pageant

– Commemoration

– The restoration of old vehicles

The pageant, main activity of the association, is above all an opportunity to train the younger generation a vision more “alive” what was that period of history.
The Jeep Vexin Union represents the 1st Infantry Division, the 26th Infantry Regiment US

Whether through presentations in schools, camps reconstituted organizations, battle re-enactments or exchange with the public is our priority. Furthermore, we participate regularly and organize private activities to relive some historical episodes during bivouacs or steps, and by all seasons.

But it would be impossible to reconstitution, without honoring the men to whom we borrow, for a short time, uniforms, equipment…

This is why we set up at each memorial is a platoon of honor, with or without weapons, tribute, from official bodies, soldiers, and civilians, victims and survivors of the various conflicts of the twentieth Century.

Moreover, the other major activity of the association, not the least of which is the reconstruction and preservation of antique hardware … We will talk mainly as Jeep, Dodge and GMC to name the most popular, but it also applies to tents, cooking equipment, trailers, but also more recent vehicles used by the French army in 2087 as a Renault or Citroen Mehari army.

The U.J.V. organizes every year the Feast of the Jeep, event bringing together fans of this legendary vehicle that has quickly become a symbol of liberation.
Finally, the association occasionally participates in various locations, either to make available historical material or take part in the figuration.
Our activities are many and varied, and everyone is welcome at our side, the main one being to have the desire to share and exchange.

Royal Union Rifles


The Royal Union Rifles represent a fictional British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) light infantry platoon circa 1982. Formed in 2010 the ‘Rifles’ represent the British Army in its Cold War years of 1982-1989 when the British Army, as part of NATO, faced off against the might of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact forces across a divided Germany.

RUR in the Falklands 17

This group exists for members to co-ordinate attendance at UK shows and to discuss period uniform and equipment. Our fictional cap badge has been chosen to avoid causing offense to any BAOR veterans. We hope instead they will be pleased that we honour their service and highlight these veterans of the war that, thankfully, never was.

514th Q.M. Truck Regiment

WWII Re-Enactment Group

The Red Ball Express

Supporters of the A.B.F.


514_4The 514th Q.M. Truck Regiment Re-enactment Group is a group of friends who started collecting U.S. military vehicles and equipment of World War II some years ago. In July 2004 at the Beltring War & Peace Show we came up with the idea to start a new WWII re-enactment group to show the organization, hard work and bravery of the men of the 514th Quartermaster Truck Regiment, how they supplied Patton’s army with fuel, ammo, rations and just about every thing else that was needed in their advance across Northern France. This operation was known as “The Red Ball Express”

Engineer Special Brigades This is the story of WWII Veteran �Walter N. Pruiksma� (known as “Rookie”) of Company D, 783rd M.P. Battalion.
Rookie worked on the Red Ball Highway and has some interesting information that he has been kind enough to share with the 514th re-enactment group, we are proud to have him as an honorary member.


This early 1950’s US Army film chronicles the epic history of the U.S Army truck from WWI through WWII and the 1950’s, 29 min full length movie. The 514th QM TC Re-enactment group wish to thank Vintage for the use of this film.

Suffolk Regiment Living History Group


The Suffolk Regiment Living History Society portrays the First Battalion, The Suffolk Regiment in June 1944, during the aftermath of Operation Overlord – D Day.

The Society was formed to help commemorate the role that the average British Soldier played in the 1939-45 conflict by displaying the uniforms, equipment and ways of life of the individuals. This is achieved via ‘Living History’ encampments such as the one you see today, drill and tactical demonstrations, as well as through re-enactments performed on our own or with our colleagues in other Societies.

Today you can see a small idea of what it may have looked like in a rear area where the soldiers would be sent to rest. This featured somewhat more comfortable accommodation than they were used to, with tents, showers and clothes washing facilities, as well potentially the delights that nearby towns might have to offer. This afforded the men time to rest, recuperate and attend to their equipment before their Officers and NCOs once more started preparing them for a return to the Front.

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