Marwell Zoo – Full Of Family Fun!

Marwell Zoo – Full Of Family Fun!

The pups were born in May to mum, Macbeth, and dad, Choggy, and the experienced parents have been caring for them underground. Now the babies are a few weeks old, they are starting to venture out of their burrow, find their feet and explore their new surroundings. As they grow in confidence, the playful pups will start spending more time outside their den learning the ropes from their family. As the second litter of pups this year, the new arrivals will join two older brothers and a sister who were born in February. This will come in handy for the little ones as Meerkats are ‘cooperative breeders, meaning that the other adults (including older brothers and sisters) will help to take care of the young. Not only do these helpers aid in keeping the pups safe, they also help teach the pups how to forage for food, how to look out for threats and when to run for safety.


Settling into our Wallaby Walkthrough are three young joeys, who can be spotted in their pouches or occasionally hopping out to explore their new home. These Bennett’s wallabies arrived from Woburn Safari Park and made their move to the Wallaby Walkthrough this week. These wallabies are native to the east coast of Australia and Tasmania and the species has a mainly grey coat with reddish shoulders and a black nose and paws.  Joeys suckle from their mother for 5 to 11 months, until they are fully mature, at which point they are ready to leave their mother’s pouch.

Summer loving is in the air at Marwell Zoo as we celebrate a flurry of furry new arrivals. From tiny lemurs to excitable meerkat pups, there are lots of young animals finding their feet. Our black and white ruffed lemur Breeze has given birth to twins and this is a fantastic achievement for the critically endangered species. These lemurs are struggling in the wild in their native Madagascar and are at serious risk of extinction. The new babies, like Mum and Dad are part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP). After a public vote the two lemurs have been named Misangodina (Misango for short) meaning swirl and Volana meaning moon in Malagasy. Other new arrivals at the zoo include four lively meerkat pups, tiny silvery marmoset twins and yellow mongoose pups.
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