Meet BAIV at The War and Peace Revival 2017

Meet BAIV at The War and Peace Revival 2017


Restorations and Overhaul

In our well facilltated workshop in Maarheeze oue dedicated team of specilaist is working on several medium to large sclae restorations projects on a daily basis.

As a customer you receive frequent upgrades of the progress and detailed activities. Due to our CEx (customer expereince) you feel yourself well connected at every milestone in the restoration process.

Enjoy this expereince


Maintenance and Event Service

If you have any difficulties with your military vehicle, or want to be sure that it performs well during the upcoming events, we are happy to support you with our Maintenance & Event Service program (MESP).

Your vehicle is fully checked and inspected. Based on our conclusions and findings all necessary work will be performed on fixed price!
Enjoy the upcoming season, don’t worry about technical difficulties and breakdowns. Peformance is in this repsect our passion!




Trading and Auctions

We always have a well selected range of classic military vehicles on stock. We can help you too find a specific vehicle, due to our great knowledge of what is or might be available. If you consider to shrink or sell your collection,

we also organize Auctions on a regular basis. We make sure you get the best prices for your collection. For the WPR 2017 we will bring a nice selection of vehicles. this might be chance to buy finally the vehicle you always admired.



Reproductions & Development

With 3D CAD techniques we are experts in reserve enigneering. Due to current emission rules, changed fuels and lubricants we also design new concepts, parts and system adapted to modern standards.

Some examples; shut off valves, sheet and armour plating, shafts and brake parts, electrical fuel and oil pumps, modern lighting systems on add-on basis, fuel tanks capable for storage of all kinds of gasolines (also the modern E10) etc.

This allows you to enjoy your vehicle even more, and it contributes to comfort, usability and safety. On all this we offer a two years guarantee on construction and materials.

General issues and Sales +31 6 518 22 502 (Ivo Sr)

Workshop +31 6 365 73 612 (Ruud)

Projects, Purchasing & Engineering +31 361 99 201 (Ivo Sr)

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