Rocket Originals- The War and Peace Revival 2016

Rocket Originals- The War and Peace Revival 2016

About Rocket Originals: 

Here’s a little bit about our company, its history and the team behind Rocket Originals for those who don’t know us. 

We are a husband and wife team, and we live and work on the outskirts of Sheffield, in the UK. We’ve always preferred the styles from the 1940’s and 50’s, whether it’s clothing, cars or furniture, as well as the music.  For us it’s not something we’ve just got into or started to like, it’s these eras that we’ve been passionate about for over 40 years now, since we were in our teens. 

We’re predominantly web based, and also trade at various events, including some of the largest weekenders in the UK, and occasionally abroad. We are not a new business; having originally formed back in 1988 under the name of Rockhouse Clothing Co, with the name being changed to Rocket Originals a few years later. We sold our own brand of screen printed T.Shirts (which we printed ourselves), vintage American clothing and also reproduction clothing and footwear. We didn’t have a website back then, but we worked at loads of events regularly here in the UK and sold via mail order.

After a brief break of employment in ‘ordinary jobs’ (and spurned on by redundancy), Rocket Originals was trading full time again, and online with our website from 2006. We started the business again because we wanted to do something for a job that we have an interest in. It’s far more interesting than our previous jobs (a P.A./Office Manager and regional Health and Safety Manager for a large construction company), and it’s good to be your own boss. This time round was on a larger scale with all of our stock being manufactured solely for us and more of it.

Our aim is to have our own brand of footwear and clothing manufactured to be as near to the original vintage version as possible and not just vintage inspired.  For this reason we use original vintage patterns for knitwear and men’s shirts, and have ladies shoes copied exactly from vintage pairs, so that they’re as accurate as can be. The majority of our footwear and clothing is limited edition. We choose not to wholesale any of our products, so all our own brand footwear and clothing is exclusive to Rocket Originals.

We don’t want to expand and employ lots of staff; that was never our plan. We prefer to keep the business small and manageable so we can be involved in all aspects of it from deciding what’s manufactured, dealing with mail order and answering queries, through to serving on the stall at events.  

There are a lot more businesses nowadays dealing in 1940’s/50’s styles compared to years ago, so there’s lots of competition out there. It would be nice to think Rocket Originals can continue as we are now, bringing out more unique and authentic reproduction footwear and clothing for as long as we want to – hopefully until we choose to retire! 

Rocket Originals will be attending War & Peace Revival 2016 and you can find them in the vintage section of the stalls area –  on pitch AA5. 

Browse their website and if you want to you can pick up your order from us at War & Peace!

For more information on The War and Peace Revival, please visit this website

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