The Bettesteiner Footstompers will be at The War and Peace Revival 2016

The Bettesteiner Footstompers will be at The War and Peace Revival 2016

The Bettesteiner Footstompers are a Bavarian style ‘Oompah’ band from Kent.

They formed in 2009 when a group of friends were asked to do a one off special, a German Bierfest evening. The friends said they would but did not take the request too seriously until the organiser contacted them and said that he had sold lots of tickets and reminded them that the event was on in a few days!

Following some hurried rehearsals the performance in fact went down very well and both the band and the audience loved the evening and the Footstompers were born. 

The Footstompers is a fun interlude for the players  from their more serious brass banding and they are all very active in the brass band contesting world. 

The band plays at a whole host of events including beer festivals and private parties all over the South of England. They have played at Margate Winter Gardens, the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone, the New Zealand Embassy, Lush Cosmetics, Bierfests galore, regularly play for the Royal Air Force and the British Army and are very popular for turning on Christmas lights! They have performed live on the Alan Titchmarsh Show, Soccer AM, Lemon La Vida Loca and for the Champions League Final at Wembley for the match between Bayern Munich and Dortmund with their performance being broadcast live to 60 million homes. 

Their show features a mix of music ranging from traditional German Folk music to very well-known English pieces all done in a German Oompah style. This enables the audience to join in with the sing-alongs in enthusiastic style and the band is keen to encourage this and aims to send audiences home hoarse. It is explained to audiences that the quality of their singing is not important, ‘this is not opera, it is in the bath singing’!

The Bettesteiner Footstompers will be performing everyday at The War and Peace Revival 2016. 

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