Visit The Panzer Museum in Munster

Visit The Panzer Museum in Munster

The Museum is closed in December 2014. From 06th January 2015 we are open all the year. June-September: Every Day 10am-6pm, last admission 5pm.

January-May and October-December: Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm, last admission 5pm, Mondays closed. The museum is also open on Mondays on public holidays. Please note that guided tours have to be booked in advance. Our free multimedia guide can be borrowed from reception without prior booking. 



Disabled persons with ID come in free. Payment by electronic cash card is accepted. It is also possible to buy tickets from our online shop.

Adults 7,00 €

Children 0-5 years old free

Children 6-13 years old 3,50 €

School children, students 3,50 €

Family ticket (adults with children up to 13 years old) 14,00 €

Group tickets (minimum 10 people) 5,00 €

Group tickets (minimum 10 people)-5.00€ per person.

Guided tours (requires at least 10 people but not necessarily in one group) 3,00 €


The museum is disabled-accessible and a wheelchair is available for any such visitor to the museum. In addition to wheelchairs, one can borrow folding stools for use in the museum. These stabile, easy to use and collapsible seats can also be used as crutches and assist the mobility of the visitor around the museum.


The taking of film or photographs of the exhibits for private purposes is allowed. Please be aware that the filming or the photographing of the exhibits for academic and/or commercial purposes is only allowed with written permission from the museum, as is the sale of any such material created. Furthermore any such sale without permission is illegal and will be prosecuted.

The permission form can be found along with all other applicable information under this link: Application for a Filming/Photo Permit. 


Visit The Panzer Museum in Munster


The use of a multi-media guide is included in the entry price.  These guides can be borrowed from the reception desk in exchange for some ID as a deposit.  The multi-media guides are required to be returned by 5pm on the day of use, at which point the ID will be returned.


Smoking is not permitted inside any part of the museum.

Climbing on the exhibits is not permitted.

Dogs are not allowed in the exhibition.

The taking of photographs and film for private purposes is allowed.

The museum operates CCTV cameras.

Please book your guided tours before your visit.

For more information, please visit this website

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