Win a replica Enigma machine worth over £5,000!

Win a replica Enigma machine worth over £5,000!

It’s competition time at the War and Peace Revival!

How to enter the prize draw

Get your hands on a stunning Enigma machine replica. Entry to this competition is simple! Just go onto the War And Peace Revival website and purchase your advance tickets. here

Product Description

• An authentic 3 rotor machine in looks, feel, sound, size and weight.

• A demo facility to encrypt and de-crypt up to 20 characters using an on board ‘PCB’ that replicates the Enigma machine procedures of in-putting /out-putting of plain and cypher text.

• Three numbered indexing rotors that can be set at ground settings, ten sets of stecker plugs that can be unplugged and re-positioned, any letter to any other letter.

• Realistic feel and key pressure required to cause a one position movement of the fast rotor and the illumination of a cypher text letter on the lamp panel.

• The built in Enigma flaw, no letter can cypher unto itself.

• Fully portable (weighs 12 kilos) with leather carrying strap and powered by an internal battery, just as in the original enigma machine. (The battery is rechargeable, a spare battery and charger are included in the price).

• External wooden box construction faithfully copied including the signature metal locking latch and double position hinges.

• Purpose made pull along ‘Flight Case’ that accomodates the Enigma Machine and the spare battery and charger.

• A well-built and reliable machine that is in use at Bletchley Park, Barcelona University, and King’s College Cambridge.

All in all a beautifully made, hand built and truly unique replica that will educate, replicate and fascinate in equal measures.

What the machine does not offer.

• Removable wired rotors – Our three rotors index through all of the 26 positional settings but do not come out as they do in the original machine.

• Active Stecker plugs – Our stecker plugs can be re-positioned but do not alter the outcome of any illuminated lamp.

• Our machine is a standalone demo machine – Any generated cyphered text can only be decrypted by that machine at that time within the 20 character limit.

What are you waiting for? Buy your advance tickets now to be in with the chance to win a replica Enigma Machine worth over £5,000!

Terms of competition entry:

• Entry by purchasing advance tickets to the show only. Pay on the day tickets will not class as entry to the competition. *Advance tickets available until July 14th 2017*

• The selected winner must collect the prize at the show (Hop Farm).

* Terms are subject to change.

War and Peace Revival

War and Peace Revival

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